Document sharing best practices using Office 365

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Thursday, April 4 


9 AM Eastern | 6 AM Pacific | 3 PM CET

Document creation and sharing are tasks which are performed by information workers every day. When using Office 365 there are many ways in which documents can be shared with others.

Documents can be shared directly from Office Apps (Word and Excel), your PC (Explorer or Finder using OneDrive) and using the browser (SharePoint or Onedrive).

In this webinar we will be looking at the most common scenarios of documents sharing and show tips to make the experience as easy as possible. We will also be looking at common pitfals, like why sharing documents with external people might not work when working in certain SharePoint Sites or Microsoft Teams.

After attending this webinar you will gain the latest insighs on how to approach document sharingusing the Microsoft Office 365.


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Thursday, April 4

9 AM Eastern | 6 AM Pacific | 4 PM CET

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