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Can you keep up?

Can you keep up?0 Comments In a time where 'change is the only constant' and we keep struggling to keep up with the “next big thing in technology”, it can be hard to keep track. Understanding the continuously changing corresponding jargon can be a challenge, even...

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How to be productive with Microsoft Teams

How to be productive with Microsoft Teams0 Comments It has been here since the beginning of this year: Microsoft Teams. Suddenly, it is a lot easier to work together while being on different geographical locations, within your own safe, digital business environment....

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Outlook apps will reduce the pain of mailing

Outlook apps will reduce the pain of mailing0 Comments We have been quite custom to adding clever apps on our phones to ease parts of our lives. Yet only few have the habit of adding applications (add-ins) in a Microsoft environment. Even though this has been possible...

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