Adoption Automation

How do we do it?

Supporting employees to become Digital literate and driving the ROI of IT investments is an important topic in most organizations.

Meetroo Entree provides unique capabilities to scale Office 365 adoption to the next level:

  • Create email campagnes to drive traffic to the entree Training and Adoption Portal
  • Bring all training content provided by Microsoft and from content internal and external Leaning Management Systems (LMS) to one central, easy to navigate location 
  • Push assessments and suggestions for Missions / Challenges to specific users
  • Use machine learning to drive the employee learning journey

This video shows an example setup of the Entree product running within SharePoint. In this example Home shows daily productivity tips, personalized courses from Guidiance (LMS) and 24/7 support from Botvise (Dutch Office 365 bot).

The Hub shows curated content from Microsoft Learning resources, which can be extended with paid subscriptions from various training providers.

The Feed page shows a Yammer group were employees can ask questions (moderated by champions and experts) and shows a list of the latest content from a Microsoft or internal Learning Playlists. 

Interested? Let’s talk and see how we can tailor entree to help your employees improve their digital skills.

Meetroo’s mission

Our mission is to democratize Information Technology by bringing high-quality training content and best practice software add-ons to the masses. We provide free and paid subscription bundles to drive Company culture and Digital transformation, focussing on the Microsoft Office 365 platform.