The gateway to IT knowledge and policies.

Auto Drive change management

Engage with employees using automated email and chat messages.

Develop and grow awareness and skills

A central hub which integrates multiple internal and external training resources.

Manage across multiple environments

Manage content across SharePoint Sites, Microsoft Teams or Office 365 Tenants. 

What is meetroo?

Meetroo provides software which runs within Microsoft SharePoint or Microsoft Teams and helps employees to quickly access a large library of internal and external training content

Our software brings the ability to automatically engage with employees (in multiple languages) using email and Microsoft Teams chat. From these messages employees are guided to the Meetroo Learning Hub were they (depending on the configuration) will be asked to summit one or multiple assessments. Based on the outcome of the assessments employees will actively get suggestions for online training (LMS), practical challengeswebinars or classical training. The suggestions depend on the customer specific configured Learning journeysAll employee choices and completed activities are securely logged within the customer SharePoint tenant. 

Our software framework uses Microsoft Flow and PowerApps templates, which brings the ability to easily modify and extend the solution forms and workflows.  

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