Outlook apps will reduce the pain of mailing

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August 30, 2017

We have been quite custom to adding clever apps on our phones to ease parts of our lives. Yet only few have the habit of adding applications (add-ins) in a Microsoft environment. Even though this has been possible since 2013. Were you aware of the enormously clever Outlook Add-ins that improve the email experience and increase productivity? And recently Microsoft made it possible to automate the roll-out of Add-ins for Word, Excel and PowerPoint to all employees within an Office 365 tenant. And shortly this will also be available for Outlook.


Increase productivity and fun with these 3 clever apps for email

  1. A great party trick is the adeptly named app Boomerang. Sometimes you send out an important email, but then life happens and you forget to see if you got a reply, until it is too late. Boomerang will do just that for you. It will automatically send you a reminder to alert you that you have not yet received a reaction, so you can send it out again. Boomerang. And there is more; you can use it to schedule appointments, or add a view of your calendar to an email to show availability. It offers a “send later” feature, that helps to plan ahead emails. It can even scan emails to provide analytics of readability and the success chances of the call to action!
  2. With Mail responder you can activate the “out of the office” function with one click. It offers various predetermined texts, from “I’m on the road” and “bad reception” to “I’m in a meeting” or “I’m ill at home”, in multiple languages. This app helps you to manage expectations. As I aim to handle email promptly, people start to expect this from me. If I occasionally have bad reception, Mail responder is a great tool to explain this to my contacts.
  3. Content chooser offers you one-click content for your emails. Standardised reactions such as sales -, support texts or route descriptions to save you time. Easily improve company-wide communication by implementing this application and while managing these standardised texts centrally.

PS: Also nice is Giphy, that lets you add animated GIFS: a graphic image that moves. Sometimes images tell a better story than a 3-paragraph text you would need to explain.

Work Happy!

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